Pool Construction Services

With Lambert Custom Pools, your backyard retreat isn’t too far away. Our array of products and services for pools, spas, fountains and other water features will impress the most discriminating homeowners.

New Construction

When you’re looking into installing an in-ground pool, you need access to the best design and technology professionals in the business. Our experts at Lambert Custom Pools have years of experience with construction and designing your new pool and complementary features. We specialize in saltwater pools and spas, which are more inexpensive to maintain than traditional chorine-based models – and are far more beneficial for the environment.

Pool Upgrades

If you’re seeking to make improvements or otherwise transform your pool, Lambert Custom Pools can assist you throughout the process. From remote control operations to LED lighting to automatic cleaning systems, we can make your existing pool a more enjoyable, cost-efficient space.

Exterior Space Design

We know that your exterior design doesn’t being or end with the pool itself. This is why we take into account your wishes, existing landscape and home aesthetics when assisting you with design work. Our Lambert Custom Pools experts have helped many homeowners incorporate new pool designs and upgrades that seamlessly blend current looks with dream plans.

Water Features

You can add elegance and function to your existing pool or patio with a Lambert Custom Pools water feature. Our design experts are happy to consult with you on such aesthetics as fountains, ponds, waterfalls, running rivers and other structures to beautify your outdoor space.

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